If I were close-minded, I wouldn’t be entertaining any of this. The straw man thing, it’s making the rounds. This is exactly the sort of thing I’m talking about. I’ve heard it all before. It’s not unique or original, it is typical social media conservative speak, designed to attack presumed liberal social media speak.

Uh, often it IS a straw man, not just a debate device. Suffice to say that it’s become very common for me to get into internet discussions where people say “Oh, well since you did or said THIS (like, voted for Trump, or said something regarding our feminism discussion) then you MUST believe ***THIS*** (where ***THIS*** is something we have not discussed).

I am constantly saying to people “No, I believe what I am telling you I believe. If you want to know what I believe about something ELSE, ASK ME; don’t assume.

Sterotyping is rampant. Because I wear a headscarf, some assume I do X believe Y and want to do Z. You appear to be a woman of color, and if so, you know exactly what I am talking about.

BTW I don’t buy into the labels, because at this point they all mean different things to different people. Social media combined with strategic disinformation tactics have created a land of confusion, Tower of Babel situation. People just want to vent, angrily because they can’t figure out what else to do in a world where so many systems are breaking down.

Bingo. We finally found common ground. I agree completely. (Funny how it takes several back-and-forths to get to that point. A month or so ago, another person and I literally went though a dozen interations of “Fuck you” and “No, Fuck YOU” before we realized we agreed on one of the central issues.)

And yet, most people are just trying to live their lives outside of all the vitriol and controversy on social media, and when people don’t, when they spill all of this insanity out into reality, there are real dangerous and sad consequences.

Concur again. Exactly what the citation from Glenn Greenwald was referring to.

Where I live, Muslims and immigrants are often ruthlessly targeted with hateful actions and speech, and this bothers me, not because I’m liberal or politically correct, but because I am a decent human being and that’s not right.

The most common discrimination I face is from the government. I travel a lot, and oddly, I am “randomly selected” for a patdown about a fifth of the time. :-). But, I am in Houston, and since Saudi Aramco has been US-based here for fifty years, Houston is accustomed to Muslims. I can’t speak for Latinos and Af-Ams, but Houston is often considered the most diverse city in the country, with significant integration down to the neighborhood level. The eight houses closest to mine are represent eight different ethnicity and/or races, and that’s typical. There are a lot of rich non-whites here.

And for the most part I don’t have much of a dog in either one of those fights. Being open-minded enough to challenge dogma is not “political correctness” (another term degraded and used and misused ad naseam and into meaninglessness) it’s just the way intelligent thought and conversation has been occurring for years.

Mmmmm……”politically correct” is a very broad term that manifests itself in several different ways. When the right speaks angrily about political correctness, it’s specifically about one or two of these manifestations……and if somebody on the left were to actually listen to somebody on the right tell them what specific elements of PC piss them off, it’s likely they’d have some agreement, with the person on the left saying “yea……..THAT kind of bothers ME, too.” (Unless they are just way far out moonbat wacky.)

From the things you say, it is clear to me that you are having drastically different life experiences than me, and your life experiences are reinforcing your beliefs. Your life is your life, and clearly in your life, feminist thought is a real threat.

Let me be clear: feminism doesn’t threaten me personally in the least. The elements of feminism that are Marxist and call for the dissolution of the traditional family unit do threaten the economic and social integrity of our society and should appropriately be considered a threat by all. I consider it unwise to dabble in socioeconomic systems that have only a history of failure, and messing with institutions that have served us for all of recorded human history…..won’t end well.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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