Tech Diversity Programs Are Conservative

I would have to disagree. Conservatives believe in letting the free market for labor adjust discrepancies organically. So, in short, conservatives wouldn’t HAVE any “diversity programs”, as the term is commonly applied.

That said, if there WERE to be a conservative “diversity program” would look at the root causes of diversity and determine if there’s anything there that government could constructively engage with. There exists a dearth of women in tech because there is a dearth of women graduating with tech degrees. There exists a dearth of women graduating with tech degrees because there are a dearth of women choosing those majors when entering college.

You can’t solve the “women in tech” problem without solving the “women choosing tech majors” problem. A corporation trying to solve that with a “diversity program” is obviously a waste of time. Eventually, you run out of people. :-)

Much of the ideology behind them comes from economists who were hardly leftists. Who believed that markets would become more efficient if we removed barriers to entry to different groups of people. That this would lead to economic growth. That discrimination is a waste of “human capital.” This is what I learned when I got my economics degree, in a very conservative department.

That part is spot on, and part of why politically, name-calling economically oriented conservatives “racists” or “mysogenists” is a lot like accusing the Pope of being Jewish. It makes no sense, because the world view of economic conservatives prevents them, by definition, from implementing programs which are racist or mysogenist. Conservatives stand for developing all human capital.

Hire an economist or something (maybe if you guys did I wouldn’t have gone into tech).

Now we’re talking. You cannot solve a problem unless you first understand it. HR professionals are trained to find problems, but not trained on how to understand them using analytics and statistics. And you can’t get to “C” from “A” unless you understand “B”.

The last diversity training I went to ever was one about “implicit bias” which was not just galling because the science behind it was bad but because the office was struggling with explicit bias.

Well, if you think about it, the acceptance of “implicit bias” is connected to the lack of economists/statisticians in HR departments. If something keeps happening that you can’t understand or can’t solve, you either (a) have to admit you were wrong about it, or (b) invent a bogeyman that you can’t conquer.

And human beings are really really BAD at (a), ‘specially when their job might be at stake.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.