As consumers in a capitalist society, TSwift owes us whatever we choose to ask of her. Her product is herself as a singer-songwriter; this includes her music and her personal life. This is true of all celebrities, not just TSwift.

I would have to disagree. She is still an individual with a private life, her product is her music, not herself, and her personal political views have nothing to do with her music (not true of all musicians, but her music in particular tends to be apolitical).

Your definition of the public/private mix is closer to that of Gawker, and we pretty much know how well that held up in court.

If we decide we want to know how she feels about the alt-right, I don’t see how that is more invasive than gossip about who she has sex with. It is not bullying to want to know the politics of products you consume (here, TSwifts pop tunes).

It’s bullying if you demand something that somebody has no reason to give.

Maybe if she was as humiliated by being an ‘Aryan goddess of the alt-right’ as she was by a drunk Kanye 10 years ago (not accurate), we would not have a problem.

If a celebrity artist responds to every nonsensical gossip-rag thing that’s said about them, they have no time to create.

What I’d really like her to do is come out and say “What my political views are are none of your damn business. Any position I take would insult half of my fans, and I’m not so stupid as to do anything like that.”

I’m no fan of her music, but I admire her more for refusing to comment.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.