True, but it goes both ways, they wanted the money from the oil so it does come with other drawbacks.

I think the point is that it didn’t have to come with so many drawbacks. Your argument seems to be “well, they wanted our money, so they have to put up with our political interference.” That;s a corollary of the neocon world view that’s problematic for so many countries, not just Middle Eastern ones.

I don’t know if I buy that though, a lot of the terrorists have Western educations and can certainly read the Quran for themselves if they want to and still “choose” a life of hate.

You were talking about polling, so I thought you were talking about the “man on the street” not the actual terrorists themselves. It is they who I was speaking of when I referred to

We can talk about politics all day long but the same eyes that can see America meddling can see Iran and Saudi Arabia and all sorts of Muslim groups causing more problems for their society than America, so why be more concerned with America.

Well, it would be the West in general, not just America. All the major Western powers have had major terror events occurring. The wild card there is the sense that the Israel/Palestine situation is very unjust, and biased by the West towards Israel.

Look at those wonderful pictures you posted, why would we not want to help them get back to such a wonderful age of enlightenment? Maybe the West felt more sorrow for such loss than the Muslims did?

I can’t say, because I wasn’t alive then or there then. I suspect that a decent read of history would show that the fundamentalists used intimidation as well as a takeover of education to promote their ideology.

What is your theory as to why Muslims prefer things the way they are today instead of the wonderful visions you show of the 40’s ans 50's? As I said before, it is very sad to see them devolving like this.

My mother in law has some wonderful old movies that were taken at Cairo nightclubs back in the 60’s. You would have thought you were at any upscale supper club in NYC, London, or Paris.

And of those who “understand” would they turn a blind eye to those who conduct Jihadist operations even if they would never do such a thing themselves?

No. Understanding the motivation of a killer does not imply that you’d become an accessory to the killer.

And yet beheddings and stonings and such as common practice in some Muslim societies are they not?

Common? No. Beheading and stoning are, to my knowledge, only practiced in Saudi Arabia. The rest of the Muslim countries just hang you. :-(

Did we not see beheadings represented from all sorts of Islamic sects and groups throughout history?

Well, if you’re going to go back into history, Mr. Guillotine comes to mind. Certainly you’re not going to argue that Islam has a monopoly on the practice, historically.

We have all these Jihadist videos showing this as well, so you are saying there is no possible way this Muslim could have done this infamous Muslim act because he was a Muslim?

I obviously cannot say there was “no possible way” that the beheading was related to something in his religion, just as somebody could not credibly say that it WAS related. I have no idea what was going on in that missed up brain.

Well sure, American television was the only place a Muslim could learn of honor killings

Full stop. My point was a simple one, let’s not take it into the stratosphere.

It is not controversial in the least to say that violence in film and media has in the past generated copycats; these are well documented by the courts. MY POINT is that Hassan came to the US at age 17, and lived in the US for 36 years before committing his heinous act. So, I think I’m on solid ground if I say that if he connected beheading and religion in his own sick mind, that connection could just as easily come from the US media (which is obsessed with these events becuase of their brutality) as it would have from some memory in his teenage years.

Larger point: if you’ve already made up your mind on this issue, why did you ask me my opinion?

I believe that is the first disingenuous thing you have said in the discussion, my only question is why?

See above. Its not disingenuous in the least; it‘’s perfectly logical to conclude form Hassan’s timeline.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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