I think an ‘issue based’ opposition to Trump can simply be about the issue of the man’s psychology.

That;s personal. Compare that to the successful movements where protest led to change. Civil Rights. Emancipation. Suffrage. Vietnam.

All were to alter a very specific and serious failure of GOVERNANCE. What you suggest its very different. It amounts to “he seems unstable so he must be unstable.” You’re creating a constitutional crisis based on Dr. Phil psychology.

He is not well informed on many matters, does not listen to the concerns of others, and relies on bravado and intimidation to get his way.

That was, to a large extent, said of George Bush (perhaps not the intimidation part) ; books written after the fact show that he was in fact a thoughtful man who interacted successfully and impressed people with his command of issues.

I will tell you that at age 61, I have yet to see a Republican president elected where the left failed to claim that (a) he was the second coming of Hitler, and (b) he was going to get us all killed in a nuclear war. So, forgive me, but the left coming out and now saying “yea, but we REALLY REALLY REALLY MEAN IT this time” is weak tea to me.

It appears to me, listening to the shrill voices of the protestors, that most of them really have no idea what they are protesting; my view is that they have been manipulated by not fake news pe se, but exaggerated criticism and the usual irresponsible speculation that accompanies every GOP government; however, this time, there is a larger contingent that before of voters who are young and inexperienced in parsing truth from fantasy.

And they are putting the nation at risk.

And for as long as he remains president that seems to be a problem that will only go from bad to worse.

I disagree. We’ve already seen a tempering of the “tweet machine” — he is tweeting less and more thoughtfully — and late this week he seems to be moving — finally — out of campaign mode and into governing mode. His cabinet is unusually wealthy, but their testimony to the Senate indicates that they hold views well in the conservative mainstream. In the next week or so, he will be out of things he can do with his pen, and the governing will start.

If the neoMarxist progressives refuse to “normalize” (which is, btw, just a synonym for “democracy” in this context), then they play right into the hands of Russia, China, Iran, and ISIS. If the nation looks like it is ungovernable, they will take what they want, with little concern that we will oppose them.

Your call. But if it’s clear that “resist everything” creates a dysfunctional government, I am already making plans to retire overseas. I have no intention of spending my last few decades in a political sewer, because whoever replaces Trump will be treated worse by the GOP than he is being treated now.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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