I strongly suggest that everyone read the actual executive order. It’s quite an education, when contrasted to what people’s “understanding” of it is.

At the very least, I would point out two things. First, that comparing a temporary ban on seven countries is hardly comparable to the Holocaust; that’s sheer demogogery.

The second is that temporary bans like this happen all the time, under the radar. Example? My sister in law and her husband live in Sweden. They were born in Syria. They’ve lived in Sweden for thirty years, and are Swedish citizens. She has a US citizenship, he does not. However, he comes to the US every two or three years to visit, and has never been denied entry. Sweden is in the visa waiver program, and visitors simply have to apply through ESTA to gain entry. ESTA is supposedly just an automatic authorization to enter, no approvals or denials.

Well, this December……guess not. He filled out the ESTA form per usual, and…….he was denied entry. Why? Well, obviously, somebody in the ***OBAMA ADMINISTRATION** decided to put a temporary hold on entries, not for people traveling on a Syrian passport (he travels on the Swedish) but for people of Syrian birth, regardless of what passport they hold.

Yep. Obama did basically the same thing; even a little worse, perhaps, because it showed that the ESTA program isn’t what it’s advertised to be

So, let’s take a deep breath, folks. Nothing new here.

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