I thought everyone used hot spots occasionally, but they are usually really slow.

I ran Netflix for years over 4G, not even 4LTE. No problems. That’s as much speed as the average household needs. (If you’re a heavy multplayer gamer, then I’m advised that you need a wire, although I use the virtual reality simulator Second Life quite often, and it works fine over LTE.)

Unless you have unlimited data plans it really isn’t cost effective.

Well, it’s kind of hard to use more than 8–10 GB in a month. But the point is that an unlimited data plan on your cell phone is cheaper than a limited cell phone plan PLUS ATT/Comcast/Verizon.

And the even larger point? We’re really not limited to the three or so major cable/IT/phone providers. Any cell phone provider is potential competitor to them, so if they jack up the price……….they’ll lose customers to cheaper alternatives.

Location often determines how well it will work.

Yes, that’s very true. In almost everything you can think of, rural users have fewer options than suburban and urban users.

But for 80% or so of all users, they need to consider ALL their options, which include 4GLTE over Sprint, TMobile, Metro, or anyone who supports hotspot.

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