“You know, it was — I thought I was done. I thought, ‘OK, like I can go home now.’ But I don’t feel like it’s this — I mean, in this environment, in this place, this time that we’re in is what I feared when I…

I imagine most guilty felons feel like this when they’re released.

What Manning had gone through before she’d come to this conclusion was torture from the state.

To come to this opinion, you’d have to use an expansive definition of “torture”. Manning was not tortured by any classical definition of the term.

Her crime had been exposing the crimes of the government, an act that’s only illegal when the law has been perverted to serve authority.

You’re leaving out the fact that Manning was a member of the military, and therefore was subject to an additional set of laws which applies to military personnel. She was not a civilian.

Those who are comfortable with supporting the government’s war on whistleblowers,

I am all in support of government whistleblowers. But if you’re in uniform, you’re not a whistleblower.

Around 80,000 American prisoners are currently in solitary confinement. 2.2 million Americans are in prison, a 500% increase from forty years ago.

Personally, I’m more afraid of Facebook and Google, who have the ability to move us into a de facto totalitarian state. And keep in mind (you ought to read Freakonomics) that criminal behavior is a sport for young males, mostly; crime rates had been dropping in the US for decades prior to the millenials; that modest “bulge” in the 16–30 age population accounts for the commensurate “bulge” in criminal behavior we are now experiencing. With a smaller Gen Z following on the heels of the millennial, crime rates will naturally drop as the 2020 decade moves along, along with incarceration rates, obvously.

Police are more militarized than they’ve ever been before. The NSA has set up the most expensive and intrusive surveillance system in history. The president, under an order signed by Obama, can send in the military as a domestic police force. Corporations dominate the government.

Well, yes, you’re correct that the *elements* of total control are in place; yet, there is no indication that anyone really wants to try throwing that switch. After all, if they did, they’d kick off a generational economic recession that would make 2009 look like a prosperity party, and have to face a heavily armed population, several heavily armed and trained state armies (e.g., the National Guard), and substantial defections from the military.

Austerity and warfare have been intensified in the last year as the Trump White House’s cabal of corporate executives, military heads, and intelligence insiders dismantle the remains of democratic institutions.

None of these people/groups dismantled anything. To the extent they’ve been “dismantled”, Congress did it to us, which means that WE did it to us. For 30 years or so now, Congress has been ceding power to the administrative branch by giving policy administrative discretion away legally, and obviously, the principle of the Unitary Executive, now well supported by both sides, allows the POTUS at the time to sweep all that up and centralize all that power.

America needs to reflect upon itself. There are no serious differences in governance philosophy between the two major parties. Both parties are conservative as Europe would define the term. Wanting to tax the rich at 39.6% rather than 35% does not make one party “liberal” and the other “conservative”.

The media, driven by ratings rather than truth, uses a microscope to peruse the policy positions of each party, finds a few minor differences, blows them up out of proportion, and then spends months stoking the flames between the two “sides”, as if they were really on different “sides”. The fact that the nation spent two entire years arguing over where .5% of the population (transgendered individuals) can and cannot go to the bathroom illustrates this. Compared to people not being able to afford food or a doctor, or find a decent paying job, bathroom matters are trivial; but it made for great ratings.

Nature abhors a vacuum. If you want somebody to blame for your “death machine”, blame the Obama and the Trump obstructionists. If Congress is in stasis because of the desire to obstruct, that creates a vacuum which will be filled by anyone who is sitting at the controls. The person and people sitting at the controls are the Adminstrative Branch, most notably the POTUS. When the GOP decided to go all-obstruct on Obama, he grabbed the controls and started issuing EO’s, and did so aggressively, to the point that some of them were taken to court and overturned. Trump, faced also with a Dem party who is in all-obstruct mode, is doing the same.

Is that really any surprise?

We have seen the enemy, and it’s not corporations, the military, nor the intel agencies; the enemy is US, because when we’re in full support of obstruction, we create the vacuum those three groups rush to fill.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.