America is a deeply racist country.

I have a problem with that adverb. Being 62, I can easily remember when the country was REALLY racist. Back when it was legal to say “I’m not going to hire you because you’re a n***er”. Back when people would have community meetings to figure out how to keep blacks out of their neighborhoods.

And I was raised in New York.

Things are tons better now. Legal protections are in place. We’ve elected a black president. The city that was the de-facto capital of the Confederacy due to its size and economic influence (Atlanta) is now considered one of the best cities in America for black professionals. The black middle class is growing. On surveys that ask indicative questions regarding racism, we continue to improve, albeit at slow rates, indicating that people’s attitudes really don’t change…..they just die off and get replaced by people with different attitudes. But the continue to improve.

None of that is to say that we are still not a racist country, that we still suffer from systemic and unconscious biases, and and there are troubling signs, particularly in polling that shows that millenials are actually MORE racist than the GenXers, and about the same as the Boomers.

But there has been progress. And to be fair to all, that progress must be cited.

White nationalists will never gain control of America. There is a zero percent chance of that happening. There are far too few of them and their ideas are inherently inferior to everyone else’s.

If I was a white nationalist who wanted to gain sympathy for my cause, and I knew that all I needed to do to make that happen was get some Antifa guy to punch me on camera, I’d be stupid not to do it.

The strategy of meeting fascist demonstrators with violence and intimidation emerged largely because, historically, violence and intimidation is a strategy fascists like to utilize. But the alt-right isn’t after violence and intimidation — they’re after memes. A viral GIF of a black-bloc counter-protester attacking them serves them far better than any amount of violence or intimidation ever could.

All true. Spencer’s disgusting group has been meeting in the same hotel in DC for fifteen years. They get the same 200 misfits every year, more or less. Quite frankly, if the “Antifas” hadn’t shown up in Charlottesville, they would have carried their signs for a few hours and then crawled back into the woodwork, right back to their positions of no power, fixing transmissions or doing meth or whatever it is they do. Which is not much.

The dialogue about Charlottesville made it clearer than ever that hardly anyone in America actually knows what white nationalism is. It’s worth googling.

Yes. It’s become a buzzword that nobody really understands, except that its bad. It’s also not the same as “white supremacy.”

The official narrative has seamlessly shifted from “Impeach Trump because he’s a secret Kremlin agent” to “Impeach Trump because he secret Nazi.” This is worth keeping track of.

Yes. And the quantity of evidence for each allegation is the same. :-)

History has proven beyond a doubt that there is no evil that America’s unelected power establishment will not stoop to in order to advance an agenda. There’s no reason to trust these people, and you cannot be faulted if you don’t.

Yes. And at the very least……..the behavior of the politicians and the police in Charlottesville need to be scrutinized. According to the demonstrators (the ones with the permit) they had a security plan worked out with the police. The police did not execute on that plan. Why not? Why were the police told to be spectators to violent felonious assaults, when it is their responsibility (and we the public assume it is an apolitical responsibility) to protect citizens from violent felonious assaults? I find this very odd.

I love you.

Love you too. Keep it up.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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