I am sorry but I think you are dead wrong here.

I doubt it, but do continue.

From that time as well,we get an imperial presidency with Dubya’s signing statements acting as an unreviewable unopposable line item veto.

This is not a partisan problem. Obama did it too, after promising not to. This was called out even by the pro-Obama WaPo:

How can #45 be imposing these tariffs when the Constitution CLEARLY puts these powers in Congress. Oh it’s that pesky “national security” exception.

Not just that, although the natsec excuse can be used.

IIRC, the problem is with the trade agreements that were previously signed by the Clinton and Bush administrations. In those trade agreements, Congress ceded some of its Constitutional power over trade to the Unitary Executive. (This is not unusual, nowadays, for legislation passed by Congress to cede Congressional power to the Executive. This has been going on for thirty years or so.)

in conjunction with the imperial presidency ANYTHING is possible.

Two thoughts here:

First, if your nihilistic view of our politics is true, we’re already screwed, and we need to be looking at emigration to a more sane place.

But (second) I don’t believe it’s true; I believe it’s true only in the aforementioned cases where Congress has ceded that power. Look at all the times Obama tried to exert executive power via regulation, and got smacked down by the Courts (and NOT by 5–4 margins, generally speaking).

The people MUST push him out.

Again, two thoughts:

First, you can’t push anyone out without a “high crimes and misdemeanors” reason to do so; political disagreement is not a reason. (Looks to me like you only care about the Constitution when it suits you, but I digress.)

Secondly, Pence is on good terms with his former Congressional playmates, even the Democrats. There’s zero chance they’ll try to muck him up if he were to become President.

Paper ballots please

The country is too large for a straight paper ballot system, which hasn’t been used since the 1950’s (or even earlier). You’d be counting ballots for months. However, using systems with paper TRAILS is a goal worth going back to.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.

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