So if you claim you have “no problem understanding” it — well, that’s up to you to prove.

I don’t have to prove anything, since Medium is not a test. :-). You (or Matthew) conveyed pretty accurately how you are using the term to describe the various factions that exist within political parties; I am well aware of those factions. I just consider “tribe” to be semantically incorrect.

As I said to someone, the closest example in this debate I’ve seen to an accurate use of the word “tribe” was with the RedSox/Yankees example. If you’re a fan of one you are not a fan of the other. If a Sox fan travels and even lives in Dallas for decades, he or she retains a loyalty to the team when they play the Yankees, and even when they play the Rangers. It’s something a lot thicker than political/cultural opinions, which are somewhat fluid.

Finally, while some people use it in a derogatory fashion, it isn’t always used this way. The problem is that, as I’ve said before, the highly-educated people who dominate the press and universities don’t tend to think of ‘tribal’ or ‘cultural’ concerns as real.

Granted. I’ve had this argument for decades. A teacher in Texas tosses her student’s Bible in the trash. You present that to a lefty as evidence of a growing hostility towards Christianity by the educated elite, and they pooh-pooh it as a “one-off”. Even when you show them another few dozen examples around the country that are similar. :-)

It never occurred to the fashionable educated leftist crowd that these “backwards” people were defending their culture, that the phrase “Merry Christmas” was actually deeply important to them because they’d grown up with it, and that hearing it replaced by “Happy Holidays” was actually a significant, meaningful change. The literati react to this with hostility for their own tribal reasons.

Quite so.

Do you consider the New Coke story derogatory to Coke drinkers? It’s effectively the same thing as the War on Christmas. To me, both are quite reasonable.

Well, although I remember the New Coke dustup, I don’t remember being interested in the story, so I can’t comment.

I don’t have any disagreement whatsoever in what you’re describing; I simply think that “tribe” is an imperfect word to describe it.

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Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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