I can see this devolving very quickly into a chaotic discussion, unless we specify exactly WHO we are talking about. Mainstreamers? Liberals? Conservatives? Leftists? The Far-Right?

My point, which I am trying to state VERY SPECIFICALLY to avoid chaos, is that in general, conservatives are less likely to use emotion as the reason to legislate something, while liberals more often use emotions as the reason to do so.

That statement has nothing to do with the fact that both “sides” throw red meat at their bases to drum them up in speeches and in the media. And it doesn’t mean that there are not exceptions to that general rule, of course.

But I am in complete agreement with Matthew and I do not believe it can be overstated. Unless one is an android without their emotion chip installed, emotions play a vital role in decision making.

Hmmmm. I don’t think I argued that emotions don’t play a part in decision making, so I don’t know how I can respond.

In the Christian evangelical circles where I have this discussion the most, those Christians love to say that emotions lie. My counter point is that emotions don’t lie. Our intellect lies about our emotions.

Well, the notion that the “emotions lie” (normally referred in Christian theological writings as “the passions”) goes all the way back to the 4th century AD at least, if not farther. In fact, that is the foundation of Christian Monasticism. Many Christian writers write in great detail about how to take the passions out and destroy their influence over the flesh.

So, not sure how to respond to your point.

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