Lincoln’s mention of the Bible in his Second Inaugural Address isn’t about his belief

I believe it’s difficult to argue that Lincoln’s views towards slavery and the war, if one looks at his entire opus of writings and speeches, were not advised by his religious beliefs. If you choose to, that’s your perogative. I’ll have to take the other side of that trade.

The religious have and will cherry-pick from the Bible to justify whatever nonsense they’ve decided.

It’s a characteristic of humanity, not just religious people, to pick from the buffet of logic what supports their argument and ignore the rest. You, similarly, cherrypicked a fact from the New Testament (the lack of mention of abortion) and ignored commentary from the Old Testament and from Christian tradition. Same thing.

Slavery was justified using the Bible, you’re just being dishonest about the extent of that belief.

No, I’m being factual, while you’re ignoring reality. A quick pull from the Wikipedia article, lists all the differences between biblical slavery and American slavery, with one reference boldfaced because it entirely refutes by itself the notion that American slavery had a biblical basis.

  • Hebrews would be punished if they beat a slave causing death within a day or two,[12] and would have to let a slave go free if they destroyed a slave’s eye or tooth,[13] force a slave to work on the Sabbath,[14] return an escaped slave of another people who had taken refuge among the Israelites,[15] or to slander a slave.[16]
  • It was common for a person to voluntarily sell oneself into slavery for a fixed period of time either to pay off debts or to get food and shelter.
  • [17] It was seen as legitimate to enslave captives obtained through warfare,[18] but not through kidnapping[19][20] for the purpose of enslaving them.
  • Children could also be sold into debt bondage,[21] which was sometimes ordered by a court of law.[22][23][24]

The Bible does set minimum rules for the conditions under which slaves were to be kept.

  • Slaves were to be treated as part of an extended family;[25] they were allowed to celebrate the Sukkot festival,[25] and expected to honor Shabbat.[26]
  • Israelite slaves could not be compelled to work with rigor,[27][28] and debtors who sold themselves as slaves to their creditors had to be treated the same as a hired servant.[29]
  • If a master harmed a slave in one of the ways covered by the lex talionis, the slave was to be compensated by manumission;[30] if the slave died within 24 to 48 hours, it was to be avenged[31] (whether this refers to the death penalty[24][32] or not[33] is uncertain).
  • Israelite slaves were automatically manumitted after six years of work, and/or at the next Jubilee (occurring either every 49 or every 50 years, depending on interpretation), although the latter would not apply if the slave was owned by an Israelite and was not in debt bondage.[34]
  • Slaves released automatically in their 7th year of service. This provision did not include females sold into concubinage by impoverished parents; instead their rights over against another wife were protected.[35][36][37]
  • In other texts male and female slaves are both to be released after the sixth year of service.[38]
  • Liberated slaves were to be given livestock, grain, and wine as a parting gift.[39]

The article continues, you can read it, and the references, for yourself if you wish:

People are free to believe whatever nonsense they want, but when they start to impose those beliefs on the free will of others is when they become fanatics and all religious people try to impose their beliefs on others.

We live in form of government where (ostensibly) there is majority rule. The fact that religious people have the right to promote their views, religious or not, is a facet of majority rule. It’s a feature, not a bug.

Emotions are real and have been proven to be real by science

Citation, please.

God has not.

You’ll notice that I am not debating that statement. I am simply making the point that it is irrelevant.

It isn’t a fetus until the later stages of development. At first, it is a zygote.

You understood my statement, I expect. The Semitic religions all infer that humanity is conferred at conception. So, the definitions of the stages of development which are all parts of a process, are really not germane to the discussion.

Semitic is a language group. They are the Abrahamic religions and they’re still imaginary regardless. They still have no basis in fact or evidence. The story of Jesus is just a plagiarized version of Perseus.

Semitic also refers to the three Abrahamic religions, as you state. As for the the rest, thank you for sharing your opinion.

The religious fanatics claim that life is sacred, yet they bomb abortion clinics and make death threats.

Yes, there are probably a few hundred people in the country who believe that such actions are justified. I have yet to see any ideology, religion, political party, whatever…. that was fanatic free. We deal with them as they appear.

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