The only point of confusion I have with your thinking is that somehow the Democratic response was to Republican’s process for Kavannaugh that were on the up and up and typical. How the Republicans had handled information about Kavannaugh would not lead me to believe they would have done anything with Dr. Ford’s letter but bury it and lock it up as classified to prevent it from seeing the light of day.

I assume what you’re referring to is my theory regarding what would have happened if DiFi had taken the letter immediately to the SJC in confidence.

If she had done that, the Republicans would have been left with two choices; choose to move forward with Kavanaugh or not; and they would have known that the Dems would leak the letter if they chose the latter. These are seasoned politicians, after all. The Dems would not have had to threaten a leak; there would have been 10 Dems that knew about the letter, two of which are running for President.

No, the choice the table for the GOP would have been to (a) withdraw Kavanaugh, or (b) risk a circus that they would have assumed they could not win.

They would have withdrawn Kavanaugh.

And there is nothing about Trump’s administration that would lead me to believe that he would have cut any kind of deal. If anything he would see such a deal as weakness on his part and he can’t have that.

This situation isn’t completely up to Trump, though. Kavanaugh needed a Senate vote to be confirmed; and as we saw with the Merrick Garland situation, McConnell is perfectly capable of telling a president to fuck off, he’s not going to vote on anything unless he wants to. (Also, I think it’s pretty clear that Trump backs off on a LOT of things, as long as it’s not in public. I’m assuming here that all would have been done in private.)

Now, you won’t catch me claiming the Democrats are pure as the wind driven snow, so “what about-ism” is pretty much irrelevant, but that is always the case. I never understand this kind of reasoning. It is what we did as children when our parents caught us out. It is the epitomoy of the relativism people complain about.

Not always. There’s a large portion of “whataboutism” which has as its purpose to point out the hypocrisy of the complainant. It illustrates the lack of moral authority the complainant has to, well, complain, and in some way (one hopes) incents politicans to be a bit more ideologically and morally consistent.

It used to be that the politician could depend on the public forgetting about their turnabouts, because (a) we have short memories, and (b) we didn’t have an internet to research these matters. Now we do. And we can use that tool to remind Politican A to stop whining about Politician B doing something that Politician A actually supported in the past.

No, it is prett clear to me Kavannaugh was Trump’s and McConnell’s only play and they saw no need for a Plan B.

The way DiFi played it, absolutely true.

I gave you two theories. The first is that had this been played out months ago confidentially, good chance that Kav was withdrawn.

My second theory, that if the Dems, ex post facto the hearings, had offered a “pull Kavanagh and we’ll vote for Barrett” option, is admittedly more dicey. It’s based on the fact that McConnell was never a Kavanaugh supporter (he believed that Kavanaugh’s political history would be used against him, and it was) and that McConnell would have pushed Trump to take that deal; and that the GOP rank and file would have been glad to end the Jerry Springer-esque spectacle by taking the deal (which I think they would have, in the first couple of days after the second hearing; after Kavanaugh support galvanized the following week, no way — — and it was in that following week when Spartacus floated his offer. Too little, too late.)

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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