My point was directed to Busse’s seeming to be OK when a foreign power helps one party by exposing skullduggery with another- without seeming to even care as to WHY it is doing so.

I appreciate the fact you used the term “seeming” there. Because most people, even on the Trump side, do in fact care about the why, and take comfort in the fact that Trump seems to have assembled a reasonably strong team on the military/national intelligence side of the house who are quite concerned about the WHY.

That all said, Russia is a lovely country and I enjoy traveling there on occasion. That doesn’t make me a foreign agent, I hope it goes without saying.

As to being anti-Muslim, I had no idea you were until you just said so.

I need a more obvious avatar.

I have contributed financially to help finance forums on Muslim feminism in Berkeley to undermine the anti-Muslim bigotry in this country.

Fortunately anti-Muslim bigotry isn’t horrible in this country, in my experience, but I live in Houston, where Saudi Aramco is based; Houstonians are kind of used to us.

Except for the fact that I get “randomly selected” for a patdown about a 20% of the times I pass through security at airports, I don’t have much in the way of problems.

So you really missed the boat here…

You took a shot at a Muslim proverb (enemy of my enemy) and then used the word “Tribe” in your response to me. Now you know why my bigotry spider sense went off. “Tribe” in the US is normally used to refer only to Amerindians, Jews, and Muslims. And not in a good way.

My ‘tribe’ comment was on the tribalism of so-called conservatives who are willing to look the other way at apparent treason or at least divided loyalties by their people when confronting it might cause them political difficulties- no matter the risk to the country as a whole.

Well, welcome to politics. Why do you think the Russians didn’t cover their tracks better than they did? Good hackers don’t have leave fingerprints if they don’t want to.

Political division in the US helps Putin a lot more than Trump in the White House does.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.