You do know these democrats and Republicans don’t work for you or men any average citizen they work for a check from people who lobby them

I agree. The “check” on THEM is the public opinion and the vote of each citizen. Not violent vigilantes.

… There is no two sides between either the Antifa or Nazi’s/WS’s.

That’s my point. They are two sides of the same evil coin.

Either your evil and stand with the nazi’s/WS’s or you fight against them.

I fully agree they should be resisted.

Our govt is a joke they’ve let these WS’s fester and infiltrate the govt for so long and operate in darkness they are surprised NOW they are killing people.

Well…..we let them “fester” because we, as a matter of principle, don’t censor views in the United States. We leave that to nations like North Korea and Cuba. I suppose that means that they, on occasion, might find a sympathizer in the government or two; certainly the same is true of other noxious views like communism. But “infiltration” means that there is an organized effort to gain political power, and there is no evidence of that. Nor is there any evidence of any organizational pogrom to kill anyone. In a country of 320M that cherishes freedom you’re going to occasionally have an Eric Rudolph or a Dylan Roof. The only way to avoid that is to remove freedom.

If you side with a group that advocates my genocide we have nothing to talk about.

Nobody here is siding with either group. The point being made is that refusing to “side with” Antifa does not mean one is siding with Nazi’s. That’s called a “false choice”, and will get you an “F” in debate class if you try it.

Period… Good or EVIL… pick a damned side. there is no more sitting on the sidelines or thinking that the nazi’s /WS’s in power can be negotiated with.

I never thought for a moment that any of them should be “negotiated with”. There’s no need. They have no power, and there’s only a tiny number of them. If they step out of line, arrest them. Otherwise, leave them to their miserable lives and let them die out.

You want my people’s & other’s extinction people will fight back.

Now you’re just being silly. Nobody here wants anyone else’s extinction. If you believe that, seek help.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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