Neophyte Jon Ossoff, a 30-year-old NatSec wonk, lost to Karen Handel, an insane theocrat, in Georgia’s Sixth district.

How insane do you have to be to levy a demagogic label like “insane theocrat” at an experienced public servant like Handel?

In the waning days of the race, Handel’s message seemed to be purely cultural. After Kathy Griffin’s “decapitated Trump” photos went viral, Handel ran two ads linking them to Ossoff.

Wait until 2018, when you start seeing the faces of Democrat candidates photoshopped into Antifa uniforms. :-)

After Steve Scalise was shot on the baseball field, Republicans tried to tie him to “leftist violence.”

Well, actually, it was the shooter who made the connection to leftist violence, not the GOP.

The loss shocked Democratic pundits, who had assumed that a wave of anti-Trump reaction would push disgusted white suburbanites into their column.

Odd, that. Why would anyone think the Trump voters would have an anti-Trump reaction to Trump doing what they want him to do?

Then they go out and vote for the guy who said “You can grab ’em by the pussy.”

I’m 62. Trump is the third pussy-grabber we’ve elected to the Presidency in my lifetime. The other two were Democrats. Perhaps it’s time to let this pejorative go.

Democrats have long assumed that education is the key to everything.

Well, they’re right. Polling by Pew shows clearly that as Latinos, for example, become more educated and more affluent, they vote more Republican. This creates a rather difficult dilemma for them. The Dem “base” (generalizing here) includes the educated elites who are not in business plus the least educated people in our society. From an educational standpoint, people trend GOP with increasing education until they reach advanced degrees, when they start to trend Dem again.

Republican voters are Republicans. They vote for Republicans because they want Republican policy. They are not Democrats-in-waiting

You are exactly correct. We look at the collectivist mindset of the Democrats and simply shake our heads, wondering how people can think like that.

They are the petite bourgeoisie, the willing handmaidens of fascism, the craven and bloodsoaked base of the Republican party who would wade through an ocean of blood to cut their taxes by 1%.

Laughs. You need to do some research as to what a fascist really is. They’re in both parties, bubbala. Remember, governance includes both a social and an economic component. Fascism is about CONTROL. No true fascist would ever de-regulate anything.

The GOP, with their social conservatives and some of their neocons, do have certain elements who look a little fascist. But economic fascism is owned by the Democrats.

here’s a man who has principles and sticks to them.

Please. If he truly had principles, it wouldn’t have ended up stumping for Hilary.

Mainstream Dems are just empty suits, mouthing platitudes about equality while supporting the same gang of corporate and financial criminals who brought us to this precipice.

We certainly agree on that.

Offer these people something. Ossoff offered nothing. He talked about cutting wasteful spending and the deficit as if that’s the only issue that matters. As if the federal budget is what’s keeping up African-Americans and Muslims and young people and sick people and all of the other people targeted by Republicans. As if anyone gives a shit about that.

Well, Republicans care, because we see the deficit as an existential threat to the economy and national security. But you’re right, that stump speech isn’t persuasive.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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