No other group of people would be allowed to invade a city after making it clear to city officials that members were prepared to engage in violence should any person or entity attempt to stop them from demonstrating.


So, if a group we don’t like is prepared to insist on their ability to exercise their Constitutional rights, we should violate their Constitutional rights?

I’m not going there, sorry. Where’s that stop? Religion? Freedom of Assembly? Freedom of the Press? And where would we be today if in the past if we had used that reasoning when considering protests for the labor movement, abolition, Vietnam…….?

Speech is speech, violence is violence. They are two entirely different things. The first is protected, the second is not. The fact that speech can LEAD to violence is nothing new; exercise of all of the enumerated rights in the Constitution have led to violence in the past, when exercised. Just ask the Mormons. But the solution is not to abridge the right, the solution is to control the interaction between the actors. That’s the government’s role here, not to suppress one side or the other,

The problem is that if those rights are violated for any reason, you’ve placed the government in the position of determining what is accepted speech and what is not. That doesn’t end well for the people, historically speaking, because once you take that right away from the people and give it to the government……. the government’s not going to give it back.

McAuliffe is not only not on solid legal grounds, he’s not even on good logical grounds.

liberals need to stop getting seduced into defending them on these grounds.

Well, :-), if liberal stop defending individual freedoms, they no longer can fairly call themselves liberals. They then become the things those guys in the black ski masks say they hate.

I must add here, as an addendum, and having read more and more accounts of what occurred in Charlottesville. The idea that elected officials ordered the police to observe, but not interfere with actual crimes (assaults) being committed is……chilling. Make sure you understand that fully. The police, whose job it is to protect the citizens, were ordered NOT to protect the citizens by the elected officials, and instead observe felonies being committed without intervening, apparently because the elected officials had decided to prefer one set of ideas over another.

Conclusion: Don’t trust the government. Especially not in Virginia.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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