If enough Trump forces win, the president will know no bounds and become personally and politically insufferable in pursuing an agenda that portends the movement towards autocracy.

Hmmm. The GOP will hold the Senate, and the Dems will hold the House by five seats or so. Which means nothing changes. The House will start all sorts of inqiuries, the White House will ignore them like they did during Obama’s term, and Trump will continue to do the *opposite* of autocracy by deregulation businesses and lowering taxes.

And the left will continue to complain about “autocracy” without knowing what the term means, evidently.

Then again, the Democrats, who have leaned over so far as to have a party that agrees on little other than opposing Trump, are already crowing, in effect counting chickens before the eggs are hatched.

Well put, although I prefer the term “spiking the ball before you’re in the end zone.”

But overall, the more advertising I see, the more it all is making me feel as if I am being manipulated by unreliable messaging, lied to over position changes, and frustrated that we Americans are never discussing the same realities.

Which answers your question “Why more people don’t vote’. They’ve come to realize that who is running the place is largely irrelevant to their personal lives.

Here’s what my fear is: This is not going to end on Tuesday. First, of course, there are enough very close races that it will take weeks to sort out the voting results.

It may, although I do think we’ll know who controls the House by close of polls in the West.

Even if the Senate remains in Republican hands, an energized Democratic majority in the House is going to launch a ceaseless number of investigations of the Trump policies, the Trump Cabinet and possibly Trump himself. The returning Republicans will have become a more conservative strain of Tea Party/Freedom Caucus members, survivors of a wave of resignation and purifying primaries.

All true.

From all signals from the silent Special Counsel’s office, there are indications that the investigation is nearing a point where a report will emerge, in whatever form, that explores misdoings in the 2016 campaign. That, in turn, will bring new efforts by the tight circle around the president to fight whatever the conclusions are. Unless the results are totally bullet-proof, we will face a never-ending circular insult ring.

At this point, the chances that Mueller reports something that is so damning to the POTUS that his base abandons him are pretty close to nil. And if the House is (D) by only a few votes, it’s unlikely that Pelosi will support articles of impeachment. She knows the political reality of doing so.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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