Hmmm. "Good Leadership." :-)

There is a pretty high correlation between countries which have a constitution that permits the government to go authoritarian in the face of crisis and low infection rates. South Korea is another good example.

There's no doubt that a government that doesn't have to overly concern itself about civil rights is going to be able to have better results fighting a pandemic than those (like the US) where not only are civil rights of the individual treated as more sacrosanct than central authority, but where the government is centralized rather than federalized.

There have been quite a few nonprofessional commentators over the last few month berating our government for not doing this or that to fight COVID. Certainly our response has been weak, but many of the "suggestions" floated by some of these commentators are simply beyond the authority of the US or state governments to do.

And....although pandemic response is one of those rare instances where an authoritarian response is more efficient than a consensus response.......going down that path is fraught with risk.

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