Median would be better than mean, but I couldn’t easily find this data.

Hm…..easy to find for the US, I guess not for the rest of the world, if it’s not on the OECD website. I’m thinking about how to use our median and the GINI ratio to back into an educated guess on what the medians in other nations would be……but I;ll have to give that some thought.

But, considering that GINI is much higher in the US than the Euro nations, it would be intuitively logical that using a median in a nation with low inequality will not be much different from the average, while median in the US *is* different from the average. So, ISTM that using the median for the US would drop us back to the trend lines on your chart.

I think my Gini adjustment works well.

It may not be wrong, but my problem with it is that GINI is dependent on the distribution of household incomes. The two are related.

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