oh my god you guys are whiners… waah poor babies. nobody likes your king ? jesus whose the snowflakes again?

Hm. Al posts a piece which talks positively about how Trump is and will succeed, and you mind processes that as “whining”? :-)

If anything, Al should be criticized for spiking the ball before he got to the endzone. There is certainly no “whine” in that article.

Perhaps it bothers you that supporters of the President’s policies are neither pessimistic nor intimidated by the constant bleating of the muttering idiots in the mainstream press and punditry? That we’ve continued to look at the successes that have been racked up (already in excess of the Obama years, by some metrics) as opposed to becoming irate about the President’s loose lips (and fingers) and sexual peccadilloes (which we became accustomed to during the Clinton years)?

Now you all are crying over how the media doesn’t like your boy trumpy.. and it got me thinking… wow.. why would that be?

Several reasons, the most basic of which is that he is confrontational with them rather than accomodating. He went into the election process under the assumption that the media meant him no good, and they’ve proven that again and again and again with irresponsible and biased reporting.

I mean, is that not obvious to you?

how is it media all over the world somehow doesn’t like this guy?

Well, that’s not QUITE true to say “ALL over the world”, but similar to the above, Mr. Trump breaks the mold of how a Western politician is suppposed to behave. They are supposed to be polite, even if their counterparty is telling them to fuck off. Trump doesn’t do that. He pushes back, a la Chris Christie.

Further, when a US politician promotes “American First” trade and foreign policies, it’s quite obvious to the international press that he’s saying “And Everyone Else Second”. The US is the Big Dog in foreign trade, and has for years (and many progressive politicians agreed with this next piece, until Trump started to agree) pointed out that deals like NAFTA and various others were corporatist in nature; we dropped our pants when it came to protectionism, whilst the protectionist nations simply loosened their belt buckles a bit. That’s all good for the corporations, not so good for the American worker.

“Fair Trade” means a seismic shift which benefits the US, and does not benefit our foreign counterparties. And the foreign media picks that up.

i mean really… a couple of smart guys like you have thought all this out already i know. i mean is it because nobody on the right has a pencil? do no righties know how to write? only college boys do?

One of these days I’ll find a liberal who is actually a smart as he/she thinks they are. Been looking 20–30 years now. It’s nice to have a good, positive self-image, but you people cross over into the delusional on a regular basis.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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