Here is what is delusional, Tom:

1) Your implication that if we had only elected a Democrat President, that somehow we would have been the only nation in the world to record no deaths. :-)

Pandemics are not partisan. As we can see from what's going on in Europe right now, you can do things "right" (at least, as far as left-leaning Americans define "right") and still get a massive second wave of infection. What's that tell us, especially when it comes to the assignation of fault?

I think we can agree that our *national* response hasn't been consistent or aligned with senior medical advisors since March 1. But has that really cost anyone their lives?

Prove it. There are 89,004 municipalities in the United States of America, almost all of which have some engagement with public health policy, and they all have the ability to take national guidance and follow it, reject it, or modify it. And many did, for better or for worse --- and we don't KNOW FOR CERTAIN what the best path forward is, a fact which is validated by the aformentioned upsurge in European infections AFTER they (ostensibly) had done "everything right."

You have a theory as to where the problem here is. So do I. Here's mine:

There's an old saying, "We have met the enemy and he is us". We have a long history in this country of idiocy when it comes to public health policy. Here's a short list of government laws which, in the recent past, were opposed by significant numbers in the population, yelling "ma' Constitutional rights!" as they opposed them:

1) Mandatory car seats for infants and children

2) Smoking bans on airplanes, then in offices, then public places, then restaurants, and then finally in bars.

3) Motorcycle helmet laws (still quite a few states and municipalities that don't require them.)

4) And...of course....there's still a burgeoning anti-vax movement in the US, although matters there are a bit more complex.

And here you are, seemingly wanting to discount personal behavior and choices as the cause of public spread, and put it all on a partisan altar? Really?

Look, as I said above, we can agree that national guidance and response to all this has neither been fact based nor consistent. But when you start to assign FAULT regarding a serious statistics called CASE FATALITY, you're going to have come up with some serious data backing up your opinions, or have them discounted as angry hyperpartisan rants.

Moving on:

2) We just had a 33% reversion to mean on GDP, and you say we're in freefall?

Now, let's understand what that means. I expect we would agree that Trump and the GOP claiming credit for the massive GDP increase last quarter is nonsense. It's reversion to mean.

But what that number DOES mean is that we have a resilient economy that is most certainly NOT in "free fall", a view which is further validated by the following facts:

1) The aforementioned GDP statistic

2) The fact that the current unemployment rate is at 7.9%, which can be flipped around to say that 92.1% of all Americans who want to work are still working, and

3) The stock market (SP500) has recovered 25% from its February trough, indicating that the people who make their living by predicting where the economy will go could not disagree with you more.

So....that. But, anyway, sure. Go ahead and carry on with whatever crusade you think you're on.

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Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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