The radical centrists are conservatives who would prefer if you didn’t bring up how much of their lifestyle depends on violence.

Here are pictures of the radical centrists. Anyone can see how clearly violent they are.

Later, we will all be shocked while they do things like this:

How ever will the Nation survive? :-)

The radical centrists would like for you to forget that American capitalism is the exacting science of human expropriation.

No, we will actually tell you that. We’ll just remind you that for all it’s flaws, there is no better economic system for lifting people out of poverty.

The radical centrists are cowards who think if they just ignore the warning signs of automation, it’ll just go away.

Actually, many of us “radical centrists” have worked our entire lives automating things. I started out hands on an IBM 1130 numeric control machine that had replaced several line workers by running a cut and die machine from a FORTRAN program run by punch cards.

I don’t expect you have any idea what any of that is. But, if it makes you feel any better, the recent effort by the globalist elites to blame middle class job creation woes all on automation have made me feel a little guilty.

However, it’s utter bunk to blame it all on automation.

The radical center raise their kids to think inequality is just what poor people deserve.

No, what we do is raise our kids to believe that hard work comes with a reward. We allow them the human dignity to draw their own conclusions regarding people who don’t work hard, or make critical bad choices in their lives (dropping out of school, substance abuse, pregnancy out of wedlock, etc), and the effects that behavior or those decisions have on their futures.

The radical center travel to Europe and come back with stories about how rude waiters are in countries that don’t treat waiters like shit.

Well, yes, there is an Ugly American Tourist stereotype out there. It’s been supplanted over the last few decades by the Get Drunk and Throw Up in Public British Tourist stereotype, but the former is still out here.

But I’ve been to about every European country there is, and eaten there, and I’ve never been treated rudely. Well, once in Milano, I recall, it was a little substandard. But it was a crappy part of town.

The radical center thinks healthcare is a right. They just don’t think they personally have an obligation to fight for it.

No, that’s not what we believe. Obviously.

The radical center finds it troubling to think of themselves as beneficiaries of a corrupt machine and so prefer to think nothing.

No, we just don’t believe the machine is as corrupt as you do. I suspect you’re making the rather typical leftist cart-horse error regarding society, and thus drawing erroneous conclusions regarding “the machine”. If your social paradigm is based on a flawed assumption, only you can fix that.

The radical center are the wives of hedge fund managers who love privilege but hate guilt so throw money at Schumer and call it activism.

I appreciate people who realize that the Wall Street Racket Game, to the extent it exists, has been for decades enabled primarily by Mr. Schumer and Mr. Rangel. Too many on the left believe that the corporate enablers are all Republicans, and ignore what Schumer has done for Wall Street, what Dingell has done for the auto industry, and what Cantwell has done for Starbucks. (Your complex latte in the morning would be even more expensive if not for the tax breaks Starbucks gets.)

The radical center knows exactly no one in a union and has no opinion one way or another about a matter that affects billions.

Eh. I was raised in a union household. My primary adult male influence during my adolescence was a union electrician.

The radical center doesn’t actually care how many orphans are made daily because of American drones or the mercenaries we pay to terrorize.

Yea, we do, actually. And we are morbidly amused by the leftists who protested Bush’s war so vehemently but turned their heads and ignored it when Obama turned war into a video game.

The radical center is composed of people who think nothing of where the food on their plates comes from unless they suspect it’s gluten.

Well, we do think Whole Foods Market is overpriced, if that’s what you mean. And it’s bothersome that they talk so much about healthy food, whilst shipping stuff in from Chile. Seems like the benefits of natural foods is negated if you’re not buying it until two weeks after it’s been picked.

Pity, though, since their CEO is a libertarian.

The radical center hasn’t yet given a single cold fuck if poor American children can ever afford to see a dentist.

Let’s come to some sort of agreement on health care before we move on to dentistry.

Really the only thing radical about the radical center is their commitment to mayonnaise.

Hm. That last one seems….SANE, to you?

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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