How old are you? Because you seem to be stuck in the politics of old. Thinking that Americans are the exact same now as they are in the 80s? What a joke.

He who is ignorant of history is doomed to repeat it.

In the 1960’s, the early and mid boomers were further to the left than today’s millenials. As the 20 somethings reached their 30’s and gained some real political influence, they swung the party to a candidate — McGovern — whom it was quite easy for the GOP to pillory as being too far left — — even though their own candidate, Nixon, was no conservative himself.

The result was a 49 state wipeout. And there is no rational reason to think that this cycle would do anything other than repeat itself.

Yes, Bernie would win those voters who voted for Obama and went to Trump back over.

Opinion stated as fact.

Ever even watch CNN go ask some of those voters why? BECAUSE TRUMP PROMISED TO PROTECT THEIR JOBS AND BRING NEW JOBS IN! Hillary did none of that. Hell, she didn’t even step into the Rust Belt in the midwest to talk to those workers.

That part is correct.

Bernie, however, has been. Do you ignore the town hall where a Trump voter even thanked Bernie for doing more for his welfare/life/job than even his own Senator? Did you ignore the entire room of Trump voters clapping/cheering Bernie’s plans?

I ignore nothing. Obviously, populism from either pole has similar characteristics. However, the Bernie solutions are far too heavy on institutional support, high taxation, and corporate regulation (not to mention demonization) to appeal to most voters.

What you fail to take into consideration is the fact that a paycheck is always going to be more highly desired than a welfare check (and not just because it’s larger), and that love them or hate them, it’s corporate business activity that pays all the taxes, be it directly through the corporate tax, or indirectly through personal income and payroll taxes.

If you want a prosperous America, you need a prosperous business sector, and prosperity depends on pro-business policies, something which Sanders dislikes.

And yes, Joe Manchin would likely lose to Trump as well. Keep being a Dem shitting on the progressive base and then sticking to old Reagan-era politics when things have changed. The corporate greed has run amuck and the people have seen it.

Have they?

Curious, eh? The same population that thinks corporations have too much influence (good for Sanders, granted) believe that corporations are too heavily regulated (bad for Sanders) and that government has too much power (bad for anyone who’s not Republican).

What’s that tell us? The views of the electorate are far too complex to judge based on a single polling trend.

Referring back to your poll, showing 63% dissatisfied with the influence of business….an observation. The first is that 63% is in the general range that we’ve been in since 2004. What’s that tell you?

Well, it SHOULD tell you is that people don’t vote on that issue, since since 2004 we’ve seen (a) a massive electoral wipeout of the GOP in 06 and 08, and then (b) an even more massive electoral wipeout of the Dems in 10, 14, and 16.

So….nice poll. Don’t use it to project a progressive future. It obviously doesn’t indicate that, based on its past history.

We don’t want any more corporate corruption. Even Republicans will agree (other than a few really old Boomer/Silent Generation fools that won’t escape their propagandized programming)

(Chuckles at the notion that only the older generations listen to propagandized programming. Decides to leave that discussion for another day.)

We’re agreed that the parties have become too corporatist. However, that point of view can lead one to several solutions, the solutions advanced by Sanders being only one of the possibilities.

Sell it to the voters if you can. Good luck.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.