Over 100 Republican amendments were implemented in the ACA before it went to a final vote.

Gutierrez said that “hundreds of Republican amendments were adopted” during the drafting of the 2010 health care law. His statement has some basis, because Republican amendments were adopted in both the House and the Senate during the legislative process. Most of these amendments were not particularly meaningful, though, so calling it a bipartisan enactment effort remains a stretch.

Timothy Jost, emeritus professor of law at Washington and Lee University School of Law, told us that “the basic statement that hundreds were adopted is wrong.”

But Jost added that “there was very significant Republican participation early on on the Senate side. There were dozens of hours of debate, and Republicans like Sen. Chuck Grassley on the Senate Finance Committee were very engaged.”

Jost said by September 2009 that period was over and from then on, the bill was strictly a Democratic piece of legislation.

Obama bent over backward to include Republican ideas, all for the reward of exactly 0 Republican votes.

The ACA was based on Bob Dole’s response to HillaryCare, written by the Heritage Foundation.

The individual mandate was a Conservative idea.

Ruth Shalit in the Feb. 14, 1994, edition of The New Republic. Point is that although Heritage came up with the idea, Cato HATED it, and ergo it is incorrect to call it a “conservative” idea, since the conservative community was so split on it:

In his May/June president’s message to contributors, Cato President Edward H. Crane lamented that “our friends at The Heritage Foundation have endorsed a mandated, compulsory, universal national health plan’ which flies in the face of the American heritage of individual liberty and individual responsibility.”

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/294585

Rick, if you want to be taken seriously as a commentator

By who? Who are you speaking for, Ron? Do you have some sort of broad societal mandate to determine who is “serious” and who is not?

you can’t just invent your own alternative history.

EVERYTHING you just claimed as true was either half true, mostly false, or completely unsubstantiated. But you’re criticizing OTHERS for inventing an alternative history? Seriously?

But, if you’re looking for a gig on Fox News, just keep on going as you are. This stuff is right in their wheelhouse.

Yea, that one’s not unexpected. That’s where you go when the other guy is winning. Did Fox take over PolitiFact?

Well, here’s the problem. Moyers hasn’t been a truthteller since he retired; he mutated into a leftleaning pundit.

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