God help us……

Every move Trump makes places another weight on my chest. Every day I’m beside myself, my blood pressure rising as the limits of my capacity for incredulity are tested. I read and I sign and I forward and I re-tweet until I have to X-out lest I explode.

Well, if it bothers you that physically, the problem is your ego. Your own arrogance isn’t allowing you to disagree calmly. You think that what you believe is always perfectly right, and what others believe is always perfectly wrong.

I’m not sure how you got like that, but you should work on it. It will hinder you in your relationships and your career.

The happier you feel about how things are going, the angrier the intolerant right-wingers America is filled with are feeling. And the angrier they feel, the scarier they get.

Mmmm. And the events of Berkeley the other night were so wonderfully calming. :-)

2009: After getting wiped out in the 06 and 08 elections, GOP “anger” is expressed in two ways:

1) The use of harsh language on the internet

2) Thousands of pot-bellied, middle aged white people drive their RVs to parks so they can sit in lawn chairs and listen to speakers talk about small government and balanced budgets. Afterwards, they pick up their own litter and leave.

Seems to me the only people out there that are “scary” are the leftists. And that’s how it was in the 60’s, too. Been there done that.

If you truly had, you would have gotten over your pursuit of unattainable, nonexistent perfection and gotten the fuck on board with Hillary in a meaningful, passionate way. That’s why all this is happening.

Well, a critical eye at Clinton’s record might have led to conclude that we’d be in a war already had she been elected. After all, she’s just John McCain in a dress.

OTOH, Schumer is stupid. I know that’s not news. In this go-round, he had enough political capital (based on the presidential popular vote) to find objective-based issues with one, perhaps two nominees (DeVos and Mnuchin were the most vulnerable), and sink them. But, for some insane reason, (probably because he was listening to the shrill far-left yelling “RESIST”) he decided to try to sink almost all of them. Once the GOP realized that Schumer was operating ideologically rather than objectively, they no longer had any reason to take him seriously, and kicked him to the curb.

Trump the MAN has no mandate; but, the GOP and his platform does. The GOP kicked Democrat ass all over the map in the election. House losses, projected up to 20, were held to 5-ish; the Senate was supposed to go blue easily, but “easy winners” like Russ Feingold and Evan Bayh were sent back to their farms. The GOP improved their performance in 38 of the 50 states, smashed the blue wall, nearly flipped Minnesota and New Hampshire, won all swing states but two, and basically sent the Dems back to Washington with big red marks on their whup’ass. THEY have a mandate, and they know it.

It may be a day late and a dollar short, but we’re finally taking it to the streets.

Good for you. Nobody gives a damn about a bunch of entitled elitists with funny hats walking around between lattes at noon and $15 glasses of chardonnay at 5. Middle America has serious problems with alcoholism and opiate addiction resulting from the loss of good paying jobs that both political parties colluded on. So, when you march, the people that flipped all those states to Trump see you out there “demonstrating”; and just prior to flipping the channel to “Dancing with the Stars”, they think to themselves “liberals — they don’t care about us — they’ve already got theirs.”

Show us by saving the Supreme Court from a 49-year-old mini-Scalia.

See above. Now that Schumer’s thrown objectivity out the window, the GOP has no moral reason to play nice. Gorsuch is as good as confirmed. If the GOP even smells that the Dems are going to play a “we refuse to confirm anyone” game, the filibuster is gone, and you’ll get someone you like less.

Show us by saving ACA, too.

Even the Democrats know that the ACA is dead.

Show us by saving our nation’s reputation as a beacon and refuge for those who dare to seek a better life.

A “temporary” ban doesn’t change that. And please don’t lecture me. I have family pinned down by terrorists in Syria as I write. I KNOW, and THEY KNOW, that ISIS is using the refugee channel to get their people into Europe and ultimately the US. The only people who DON’T know it are the US “progressives”, it seems.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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