Sounds like you guys are fucked.

From the standpoint of European urban design, yea.

>You’re exaggerating the situation with the auto industry.

I am not.

Yea, you are. Those systems were only in rare cases more than a few km in total length. They would never have scaled to the current urban sprawl.

I agree that this is indeed a problem. What is your proposed solution?

Don’t have one. The perception of safety increases as urban density decreases.

I am perplexed why this even exists. Criminal databases should never be public.

The argument for them in this case is that pedophilia and rape have incredibly high recidivism rates; there seem to be no such thing as reforming these folks. Ergo, they will always be a risk to society.

This is actually completely not true. Children are far more resilient than people think.

Statistically true. However, no mother is going to risk their child being the outlier that has psychological problems for life because of it.

Sounds like a horrible way to live.

There’s worse.

I never intended it to be confortable, but its far from impossible you made it sound like. And the temperature mentioned is far from the norm. Here are Houston averages:

Point is that nobody finds a summer in Houston comfortable. I just got back from the park doing morning exercise; by 9 AM its too uncomfortable to be enjoyed.

Certainly not pleasant in summer, but you can walk without dieing of exhaustion. Sounds like there is a huge market gap in your area for grocery stores too.

It’s not a market gap, it’s by design. You cannot put a business in a residential subdivision or zone. So, we have large markets spaced several miles from one another.

There are however some things about cybercommuting that companies fear for a reason.

  1. Some people do indeed have trouble separating work from home duties, but most of the articles I’ve seen see this as being in the corporation’s favor.
  2. Yes, managers have to judge workers by their output as opposed to hours worked. This is a cultural change.
  3. IT costs — — maybe. Everyone has to have a workstation anyway; it’ doesn’t matter much if it’s an office computer or a laptop you cart around. Your remote network has to be more robust, of course, but…… considering the cost of real estate space……
  4. Classified documents…….maybe. Seems like if you need something, you just email it to yourself. .

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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