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  • Haris Durrani

    Haris Durrani

    Author, Technologies of the Self. | PhD student @Princeton. JD, BS @Columbia. Law, history, technology. Outer space. Postcolonialism. Modernity. Dune.

  • Elliot Lee

    Elliot Lee

    American living abroad. I write about culture, politics, and the books I'm reading.

  • Nicholas Wade

    Nicholas Wade

    I'm a science writer and have worked on the staff of Nature, Science and, for many years, on the New York Times.

  • Donald G. McNeil Jr.

    Donald G. McNeil Jr.

    New York Times, 1976–2021. Last beat: lead Covid reporter. 2020 Chancellor Award; 2021 NYT team Pulitzer

  • Avik Roy

    Avik Roy

    Pres., Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity @FREOPP. Policy Editor @Forbes. Sr. Advisor @BPC_Bipartisan, Pronounced “OH-vick” (thx mom).

  • John Stephen Walsh

    John Stephen Walsh

    I write horror, science fiction and weird. Worked in warehouses, schools and social services. My books are on Amazon.

  • Kent Kroeger

    Kent Kroeger

    I am a survey and statistical consultant with over 30 -years experience measuring and analyzing public opinion (You can contact me at:

  • Jaymee Splude

    Jaymee Splude

    reacher of top shelf items, lover of palindromes, words, music, hot wings, intelligence, & the smell of hay & old books :) opinions are my own.

  • Ericka Andersen

    Ericka Andersen

    Christian author, freelancer, #WorthYourTime podcast, Momma, Wife, Hoosier. @Ericka_Andersen on Instagram.

  • Iron Ladies

    Iron Ladies

    Joint pieces for @IronLadiesUS

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