I certainly haven’t seen a single case of them initiating any acts that can be reasonably construed as offensive.

Firing an ICBM over the land mass of one of our allies is reasonably construed as offensive. We have a treaty relationship with Japan.

They have been asking for negotiations for decades and all of their attempts have been rebuffed.

Tell them that Mr. Tillerson has offered to have talks.

And…Mr. Tillerson aside…..what you posted is simply not true.

I believe Clinton was the last more than twenty years ago to take up their offer for talks.

You forgot the six party talks in 2005. See above. Or not. You don’t seem all that interested in the history of the matter, but more interested in advancing a narrative.

If it weren’t for their nukes and their display of a willingness to use them, Kim would have gone the way of Saddam or Gaddafi years ago.

Doesn’t much matter now. NK has been sabrerattling for decades. Suddenly, for the first time, they have a bomb and a delivery mechanism. If he rattles his sabre now, the US has no choice but to take him out, prior history nonwithstanding.

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