We didn’t “disappear” Cindy Sheehan is still around and she continued to protest during the Obama administration. It’s just that Obama was everyone’s little darling so the media turned the camera away from Sheehan and other antiwar groups who NEVER STOPPED protesting and raising awareness.

Fair point. (I am always open to correction when the counterargument includes media bias.)

It’s cute how you benefit from the efforts of people like Sheehan to fight Islamophobia, but then take a dump on her when it doesn’t forward your loony agenda.

Hm. Doesn’t sound like a particular sane analysis on your part. Pot-Kettle-Black? Let’s take it apart, now that you’ve said something that’s demonstrably nuts.

If you’re correct that the antiwar contingent stayed just as active during the Obama administration as during the Bush administration, and it just wasn’t being covered up by a complicit media, then…. (let’s see, how could you prove that….) how about posting a picture of some anti-war colony that you set up in front of a place where Obama was vacationing? You know, like the one Sheehan set up on the road to Bush’s Texas Ranch?

Could you do that for us, please?

Well, you won’t, will you? Because it doesn’t exist.

So, let’s cut to the chase. I’m willing to grant the point (see above) that a portion of the antiwar left continued to stay active after Bush, but went uncovered by the pro-Obama media.

But, now that you’ve insulted me, let me respond in kind. Stop fucking lying. You know damn well that about 80% of your “antiwar” leftists went home after Obama took over, and some of them ended up waving the flag for Obama’s murderous drone attacks, and some of them even today are waving the flag and would be cool with some sort of military response against Russia for the election interference that (allegedly) happened.

Don’t bullshit me. YOU may be a dedicated antiwar guy, and if you are, then I commend you; but the vast majority of the Bush-era war protesters turned into pansies when the Democrats were managing the war.

Now, let’s get to your next piece of Flying Shit. Islamophobia? Are you kidding me? The last thing I need is an “activist” to “fight” anti-Islamic bias. All they do is stir things up and make things worse. I’m on a mission to win the hearts and minds of my fellow Americans, doing it with peace and love and charity and all that, while all the activists want to do is create an us-vs-them mentality that pretty much guarantees that anti-Islamic bias will be present in the US for decades to come.


Which I’m suspecting is about as anti-Islamic generally as the rest of the MAGA crowd is un-Christlike.

Suspect what you like. You’ve already proven to be a complete void when it comes to political commentary.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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