And of course, I rejected your conclusions as being based on presumptions that the system is not rigged. Everyone knows it is….

Everyone on the far left of the political spectrum, you mean. When you ask HOW it’s “rigged”, all you people do is start staring at your navels.

yet you keep insisting that your number and explanations as to how it’s basically fair and only unskilled labor is paying the price. Nice and tidy, but totally false.

I never used the term “fair”. Ever. That’s a subjective term that drives statisticians crazy. If you want to rephrase and make the case that the free market system naturally rewards the skilled and the experienced in an unbalanced fashion as compared to the unskilled, I’d have a hard time arguing with that point. The problem is that government is limited in it’s ability to balance that equation.

My brother in law had 20 years in international currency trading with Bank of America when they dumped him and 50 others to get rid of expensive talent. Yeah, it’s rigged to make the rich richer at whoever else’s expense. Rigged.

Not seeing the “rigged” part. What you’re seeing is the natural, unregulated behavior of a free market entity, as it minimizes expense and maximizes revenue. Corporations swizzle the size of departments all the time to maximize that ratio.

Does it suck to get in the middle of a downsize? Yep, sure does. That sort of downsize would have been illegal in France, because they’re system is “rigged” to change the natural behavior of the free market in favor of labor. (There have been reams of articles written about how French law stunts the size of their corporations and limits their GDP. )

So, if you want the US to move in that direction, go ahead and make that case politically. I’ll tell you right now that it will lead to a decrease in available jobs and an overall decrease in GDP, but you’re free to make the case that the rigged system would be better for workers (true) and overall better for society (possibly true).

That’s Regulated in favor of the executives and investors. Rigged. Yet rarely do you admit that. You are too in love with tidy numbers that conceal the rigged parts of the system.

See above comments on “rigged”. What you’re griping about is that the system isn’t “rigged” in favor of the workers.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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