Elizabeth Warren was giving a speech in the Senate opposing Jeff Sessions, the nominee for attorney general, on the grounds that he has a well-documented history of racism.

When in fact, there is no credible history of racism concerning Sen. Sessions. The primary accusor against him in this regard recanted his testimony years ago, which is why said accusor was not invited to testify at Sessions’ hearing.

She was reading a 1986 letter from Coretta Scott King, MLK Jr’s widow, about King’s opposition to Sessions,

Yes, which was largely based on the recanted testimony.

“She was warned.” — Ooooh haven’t we all? Haven’t we all been warned about what would happen to us good girls if we got out of line?

This attempts to make what was an obvious rule violation into a gender issue. It is clearly not. The statement is intellectually dishonest.

“She was given an explanation.”

And he was correct. The intellectual dishonesty continues.

“Nevertheless, she persisted.” — THERE IT IS. That right there is gold.

Yes, it is gold. It proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that Warren is nothing more than an attention grabbing demogogue.

The future is female.

Yes, I suppose now the solution to all the travails of the past is not to vet our own brand of bigotry against the males. Good luck with it.

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