Election Poll Update (RCP), 10/13

Kady M.
1 min readOct 13, 2018


Well, early voting has commenced in some states, and is starting Monday in a host of others. Prior to that, the RCP count was as follows:


HOUSE 205 lean/likely Dem, 199 lean/likely GOP, 32 tossup.

SENATE: 44 lean/likely Dem, 49 lean/likely GOP, 7 tossup (predict net 1 seat pickup for GOP)


HOUSE: 205 lean/likely Dem, 201 lean/likely GOP, 29 tossup

(MN1 moved from tossup to leans GOP; PA7 moved from tossup to leans Dem; MN8 moved from tossup to leans GOP)

SENATE: 44 lean/likely Dem, 50 lean/likely GOP, 6 tossup

(Tennessee, moved from tossup to leans GOP. Predict net 2 seat pickup for GOP).

They’re coming home. :-)



Kady M.

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