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The Russians are not accused of hacking the election results.
They are not accused of hacking the Democratic candidate’s mailfiles.
They are not accused of hacking the candidate’s EMPLOYEES mailfiles.

They are accused of hacking the mailfile of the PARTY of the candidate. This isn’t even close to the actual election. There is no data to show the election was swung by any of this.

if the Electoral College does not meet their obligation to block a very questionable and, apparently, foreign compromised

Two allegations there. The first is that you are alleging that the Elected President of the People is questionable. Sorry, that makes YOU questionable. You sound like an insurrectionist.

The second is “foreign compromised”. The CIA has not even come close to suggesting this. It is YOUR interpretation of the situation.

“The process must be fully democratic”

That means that the House and Senate must get to vote on the matter, being that they are the elected representatives of the People, and their votes must be accepted by all as conclusive. After all, there is ZERO allegation that their election was tainted. Are you good with that?

“six months.”

In less than six months, you’d have special elections held in the states to determine secession, the grounds being that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT had violated the Constitution. Are you willing to accept responsibility for that? There is zero chance that the states that voted for Trump will accept your solution. NONE.

“We have been seeing this as an internal disaster…”

Who is “WE”? Approximately sixty million people are viewing the election as a potential restoration of the Republic by Trump. I have no idea how many people view it as an “internal disaster”, but assuming is the approximately sixty million that voted for Clinton, are you ready to engage in a shooting civil war with those who disagree with you? Because that’s what will happen if you try to jam Clinton down the throats of red-state voters who hate her even more than you hate Trump!.

“but a tool, at some level, of Putin.”

There is precisely no proof of this. Take the “evidence” you have gathered of this, and take it to a court. The judge would throw out the case in about 10 minutes. Do you no longer want to be a nation of laws, simply because you can’t get your way?

Sorry, but right now, you seem to be exactly the person that the term “moonbat” was created for. I find it hard to believe you are serious.

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Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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