don’t necessarily agree or disagree, but the truth is everyone is racist. It’s natural; and what I mean by that is everyone has strong preferences for those most like them. It is a natural human trait rooted in survival.

Concur; I just don’t consider that “racism” in the sense we use the term in modern discourse. It’s more of a casual “birds of a feather flock together”. The actual racism (modern definition) kicks in when you start to give preferential treatment to members of “yours” over others.

You can “flock together” without exhibiting preferences.

There is most definitely a correlation between Trump and racism. The connection is not a simple one, but certainly it does exist.

Well, I didn’t argue that there wasn’t. I think the question is if it’s “birds of a feather” flocking or something more toxic. I don’t think we know the answer to that yet.

Some people who voted for Trump are definitely blatantly racist.

I’m sure that’s true of both candidates. There are still dyed-in-the-wool white Democrats in the South who are racist as hell but won’t pull the lever for anyone other than Democrat. The question is not that some voters are racist, the question is if that manifests itself into policy.

Therefore, they try to eliminate the term, or argue that it doesn’t exist so they don’t have to intellectually deal with it in any way. And no one seems to want to embrace the label, except the Klan, which Trump does tentatively embrace, or at the very least certainly doesn’t reject, but that’s beside the point because in that regard Trump is just more honest and authentic than, say a George W. who insists, (with righteous indignation, no less!) that he’s not racist. He is. Almost every American is, whether they choose to admit it or not.

As previously mentioned, I think you’re conflating two different things under one word.

The problem is some people on “the left” want to deal with racism, talk about it, examine it etc. Honestly, if they do, that is their personal business. But “the right” finds this extremely threatening. They don’t want this done. Never have.

It’s not threatening in the least; what you’re demonstrating is a lack of understanding of how conservatives think.

Both parties want to wipe out racism. Period. There’s no serious debate about it. However, they want to do it in different ways. The right wants to treat everyone the same. Period. No preferences. No affirmative action. No nothing. Colorblind. The left, as you say, want to dote on it all the time. To us, that keeps racism alive and promotes it.

Trump has highlighted all these divisions, but they were always there, since 1776 and before. Voting for Trump doesn’t necessarily make anyone a racist perse, but it does exhibit a high degree of comfort with racism, and that is true no matter what your race.

And again. Conflation.

A fair number of black and brown people voted for Trump. They are all pretty comfortable with racism as being a part of life. I imagine that they are hoping it doesn’t get turned against them, because really voting for Trump is voting against a part of your own self interest if you are a PoC. But evidently they believe they have something to gain from that vote, they could be right.

Two thoughts:

First, Trump is a sloppy speaker. He uses terminology imprecisely, and as a 70 year old man who has always run his own show, he is not accustomed to tempering his speech. This doesn’t fit well with the progressive left, for whom speech has become MORE precise, and where slips of the tongue can get the racist label slapped on you.

To this day, and I’ve studied his words rather carefully, I really do not know whether he himself harbors racist (real racism, not “birds of a feather”) sentiments himself. What I do know is that he often throws out language that could be interpreted as racist by another racist. I highly doubt he does this deliberately, to be honest.

Second: I was very surprised, actually, because of the above, to see Trump outperform Romney in every minority category AND women. I actually found this comforting, because I thought the economic message was important, and was getting drowned out by his own loose lips (and tweets).

Time will tell as to how this works out.

Number 5 — I have no idea what that is. Sounds like maybe a real life version of the Hand Maiden’s Tale, a science fiction novel of the Evangelical right enslaving women.

I’m familiar with the book. I’m glad you don’t know the term. It’s a straw man that gets kicked around in progressive left circles a bit.

Trump has taken the phenomenon to an entirely new level, probably in imitation of Putin’s authoritarian style, which he admires.

I believe this is a common misundertanding between left and right. We do not, nor do I believe that Trump does, admire Putin’s authoritarian style. We admire his “Russia First” priorities.

But, that style is new to American politics. It’s not the way we operate here, and to have a President who lies A LOT, as you would say (as opposed to constantly, as I would say) is extraordinarily problematic to our system of government. It corrupts it deeply, and it’s not as if we were squeaky clean to begin with.

Agreed. Chris Christie was the first politician of consequence in my lifetime to actually say what he thinks in a combative fashion, and you’re correct, our “style” of politics is to avoid being controversial at all costs.

Fact of the matter is, much is changing very quickly, in all kinds of systems. This is causing extreme discomfort on both sides, but the right, by natural inclination is far more uncomfortable with drastic change, but the right has no solutions, beyond stop the change, turn back the clock.

Nonsense. This is an incredible misunderstanding of conservative thinking.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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