Context is important here.

Always is.

Just six months ago, Rubio and his Republican colleagues approved a historic set of tax cuts that overwhelmingly helped the upper crust of households in this country.

Well, they pretty much helped everyone, mostly those who earn less than 200K a year, which is pretty much everyone, IF measured as a percentage of the decrease in prior taxation levels. Of course, since decreases are measured on a percentage basis, it’s really easy to draw misleading graphs that show the rich getting the biggest part of the cuts.

This is more accurate. Enjoy.

Well, most of the benefit In doing so, they expanded the national deficit,


sparked a corporate stock buyback frenzy

Well, we’ve had a buyback frenzy since 2008. But keep in mind that buybacks are a good thing for the average joe, if the average joe has a pension.

and triggered an increase in interest rates.

Nope. That was on schedule to happen anyway. Pretty easy to document that.

It is now officially documented that wages have not gone up as a result of these sugar-rush tax cuts.

No, its not. The corporate tax reform is the driver behind wage increases, and that will take some years to trickle through the system. If there’s going to be a positive wage effect, you should start to see it in the second half of 2019.

On the employer side, we see resistance to raising compensation to anything more than what the market demands.

Well, of course. :-)

On the cost side, public investment at the federal and state levels is waning and directly passing more costs on to the family budget.

Imagine how “Medicare 4 All” will hit the family budget, eh? Taxes for the middle class would have to double or triple.

The barrier is ideologically enforced low tax rates that shift tax liabilities onto low- and middle-income families while wealthier Coloradans break further and further away on the income ladder.

Nope. Tax rates have almost nothing to do with inequality. Take a look; they’ve been going up on about the same slope since the late 60’s. The Reagan package, the Bush I increases, the Clinton increases, the Bush decreases…..nothing matters. That tells you that there’s something going on OTHER than tax rates.

At the state level, little progress has been made on issues like paid leave, overtime, retirement security, and workplace rights. Even moderate proposals that divert a small percentage of worker wages into new social insurance programs are defeated by heavily financed political outfits.

Actually, at the state level, they’re defeated by taxpayers who don’t want to pay more.

Those forces that stop progress at every turn must be overjoyed with the Rubio proposal.

Why is “progress” always defined as making most people poorer (tax increases) so a few people can be (marginally) richer?

While Congress dithers and devises ways to further divvy up crumbs, six states and Washington D.C. have enacted paid leave programs. These aren’t just Democratic states. Earlier this summer, Massachusetts’ Republican governor …

Just because Mass stumbles upon a GOP governor every couple of decade does not mean they are not a Democratic state.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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