Fun as it is to cheer for the Mueller justice squad, there is one major thing the Dems should keep in mind while they break out the popcorn: the way Trump is removed from office matters.

Can’t underline that sentence enough. It is entirely possible to remove Trump from office in a way that breaks the country far worse than Trump ever could.

then the more humiliating they are for Trump and his supporters, the better.

Naive view. There’s always blowback when political power is exerted in such a way that the other “side” loses face.

his supporters might possibly be shamed if Mueller is able to demonstrate that Trump colluded with Russia.

Politically, it’s not a matter of “shame” as much as it is “high crimes and misdemeanors”. The charge has to be egregious enough that Trump loses half his base.

At the end of Bush’s term in office, and Nixon’s resignation, their approval ratings stood at @ 20–22%. I conclude from this that there is a core level of support for any president that just flat out permanent in nature. Trump’s approvals have generally hovered between 42–44% for his term in office. Hence, my statement that he must lose half his support. If the charge does NOT cause him to lose half his support, the GOP will not support impeachment, because it would be politically suicidal to do so.

To get there, it must be proven (in the court of public opinion) that he broke a law clearly and egregiously. There are a list of things that *won’t* reach that level:

  1. Campaign finance violations. This is something that is usually handled with fines. There are attempts to show that the payments to the women were different, in that they were conscious and egregious rather than administrative errors. Won’t work.
  2. Obstruction of Justice. Unless there’s something new we don’t know, the firing of Comey won’t do it.
  3. Sexual stuff. Double standard at play. Clinton may well have been worse than Trump.

What COULD do it? Proving that Trump knew about a crime being committed (that he knew was a crime) and said nothing. Best hope here is that he knew that Russia was hacking the DNC. That MIGHT do it, depending on the circumstances.

But the Republicans already demonstrated their lack of interest in any possible connections between the Trump campaign and Russia when they shut down the investigation by the House Intelligence Committee earlier this year.

Well, the GOP either (a) showed a lack of interest, or (b) didn’t find anything to be interested in. You’ve concluded (a) when there is no reason to exclude (b), because you’re a partisan. Jury’s out, but Schiff should clear this one up for his by the end of Feb or so. (And if he hasn’t, it means that (b) is more likely, and it’s Schiff who is playing political games.)

The 2016 election revealed a deep disconnect between the Democratic platform and the needs of the American people.

Thank you. Amazing how so many on the left break out in hives when you try to get them to admit that.

As Sarah Kendzior, another popular twitter pundit, explains, “The GOP will likely pursue the path of one-party rule even if Trump is removed…” She has been raising the alarm over the last two years about the very real authoritarian tendencies of Trump and his movement, and as she points out, there is no reason to believe that the GOP would reverse course if Trump were no longer in power.

That’s an incredibly stupid statement by this Kendzior. Trump’s rhetoric is what’s authoritarian; his policies are not. Authoritarians regulate, tax, and control whatever they can; Trump has DEregulated, lowered taxes, and now appears to be in the process of lowering America’s control over other parts of the world. As of today, businesses have more freedom, individuals have more economic freedom, and soon even parts of the world will have more freedom than they did prior to Trump.

The best way to get rid of Trump would be to vote him out of office in 2020.


Ideally, Mueller would spend the next year and a half continuing to clear out the sleazy operatives that have lurked beneath the Republican Party apparatus for so long, and then the voters themselves would remove Trump by exercising their democratic right to vote.

There’s nothing ideal about a secret police force, which is what you’re suggesting.

If Trump goes down before 2020 due to what is at its core a bureaucratic process within the Justice department, the question of whether or not the American people would have voted for Trump a second time will remain unresolved. The reputation of the American citizenry would forever remain tarnished by the election of 2016 and the thesis that Americans are no better than the rest of the world when dealing with the threat of a charismatic authoritarian would remain unchallenged. The stakes of the Mueller investigation are high, but perhaps not in the way that we imagine. The risk is not that Mueller will fail to take Trump down; the risk is that, if he does, the American people will lose the chance to save face.

Applauds loudly.

In less than two years, the Democrats have a chance to make history and right the terrible wrong that was 2016.

In my view, the best (and perhaps only) way to do that, and NOT toss our economy for a loop, would be to vote for another Republican, considering the shit list the Democrats seem to want to put up as potential candidates. If you want the Dems to win 40 states in a landslide, you’ll run Joe Manchin.

But, I’m sure you disagree. :-)

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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