That definitely makes Trump’s fascination with lineage and blood (particularly German) pretty troubling.

Basically, Trump just said what any user of Ancestry.Com is likely to say; that they’re proud of their ethnic heritage.

If you’re going to find that “troubling”, stay out of Boston on St. Patty’s day, or Chicago when one of the Polish festivals is going on.

America is well on the way to resembling that picture.

Please explain. I see just the opposite. We’re becoming more diverse.

I live in an upper middle class gated subdivision in Houston. Here’s our ethnicities just in our cul-de-sac. Going around the horn:

  1. Pakistani
  2. Myself (Irish/Arabian) and my hubby (Syrian/Arabian)
  3. (Token) White Couple
  4. Vietnamese
  5. A White man married to a Filipina
  6. Danish national and his South American wife
  7. Nigerian
  8. A white elderly widow
  9. Cubano

So, sorry, not seeing it. Literally. With my own eyes, not seeing it.

Because Trump has recently taken to calling himself a “nationalist”.

Nothing wrong with that. A nationalist is a political patriot. He or she simply believes that in matters of the economy and foreign policy, the best interests of the United States should dictate policy. This contrasts with “globalist”, who views the best interests of the broader world community as the highest priority.

That’s VERY different than ethno-nationalism.

Combine that with his habit of hiring family members to government positions and what we’re left with is a ruling government loyal to Trump, not the American people.

Putting aside for a moment that Trump has no family members in any “government positions” (a person in a “government position” gets a paycheck; Ivanka and Jared are not working in any official capacity, but as unpaid advisors) …. you find it odd that leaders like loyal people around them?

Hm. You would have freaked when JFK made Bobby Attorney General, then.

It’s hard not to see Orwell’s historical critique living in the present, looking at the Trump family and how they serve themselves over the people.

How, specifically, are they “serving themselves over the people?” I’ve heard this accusation before, and when I ask that question, the accusers always start to mumble and drool. Please be specific.

Speaking of “the people”, if you view America as an ethno-state, who exactly are “the people”?

When somebody provides real evidence that anyone in power views America as an ethno-state, we can deal with that question. When questions on this topic are asked on polls such as the General Social Survey, we find that a substantial majority Americans are OK with diversity. Where support for diversity gets wobbly is when the suggestion is made that we must abandon the concept of the “melting pot” for something else.

Who’s at the bottom? Everybody else. The Mexicans Trump calls rapists and the caravan of refugees he casts as criminals, when in reality they are scared and desperate families. The Muslim ban, and Trump’s repeated comments about Muslims being terrorists. Trump’s response to Kaepernick’s protests against police brutality. His characterization of “shithole” countries.

None of this is convincing evidence of ethnonationalism. All have alternative (and more logical, if you like to use Occam’s Razor as a tool) explanations than the notion than ethnonationalism.

Perhaps no example is more clear than his repeated attention to Barack Obama’s birth certificate, which is a continued assertion that Obama — being black — must be suspected of not being a real American until proved otherwise (something his administration is extending onto Mexican-Americans born near the border).

So, basically, it’s now discriminatory to ask for proof of citizenship in situations where your citizenship legally matters, in your view.

Have you applied for a job lately? They always ask you how it is that you are legally able to work in the US. You have to show some reasonable proof that you’re a citizen, like a birth certificate or a passport.

The I-9 was authorized by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. In both the House and Senate, more Democrats voted for it than Republicans.

Do you consider the IRCA to be fascist legislation?

It’s all very clear.

No, it’s not even sane.

There’s a word for that hierarchy. Fascism.

And, this is how we get guys like this, along with today’s bomber. Irresponsible Rhetoric.

I mean, if the entire GOP are fascists, and are going to destroy the country (and the world, no less) the only solution is to kill them all, right?

We see you.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.