As a conservative, its not that I don’t enjoy all this….but….. :-) It’s important that the Democrats don’t limit themselves to a false choice. Perez Ellison Ellison Perez. What’s that do for you?

Look at the math on WHY Trump one. Who flipped from Obama to Trump for him to break down the blue wall?

Working class Americans.

Now, tell me, which one, Ellison or Perez, will bring back those now-lost-former-union-democrat working class Americans?

(The right answer is “dead silence”)

The problem is that you have two rock stars (Sanders and Warren) who make you think your progressive base is larger than it is, and less fragmented than it is; most of that “progressive base” are actually loyal Democrats who lean left; they’re not going anywhere. So, the question should not be “How do I keep my Jill Stein voters from voting Green”, but “how do I reclaim my working class voters and put my blue wall back up”.

But, you’re not thinking that way.

It’s important to realize that nobody from your progressive left has ever had to face the onslaught of negative advertising and character assassination that the GOP can and will fire at them. The GOP, up to now, has allowed Bernie Sanders to look like a lovable but grouchy grandpa, and Elizabeth Warren to look like…well, whatever she looks like. GOP money has not been expended to disparage them. Those investments all went to disparage Hilary, last cycle.

Neither Sanders nor Warren will look so nice to the public when the GOP is done with them.

So, in 2020, if you nominate somebody from the progressive left, who has never had all that attack money focused on them before, you’ll keep your Stein voters, but turn off more Dem working class voters (there are a lot more of them you can lose, btw — if you haven’t looked at the demographics — Trump just skimmed enough of them at the top in order to win) and lose the election to Trump or whoever replaces him.

The majority of Stein voters live in states Democrats win easily anyway.

But, if you nominate a person like Joe Manchin, he reclaims those working class voters, the blue wall goes back up, and he beats Trump or the GOP like a drum. And all it costs you is a few million Greens who mostly live in states you were going to win anyway.

You have to decide if you want to be ideologically pure or you want to win. That’s what the GOP had to do in 2016.

Free markets, free minds. Question all narratives. If you think one political party is right and the other party is evil, the problem with our politics is you.