Your solution leaves a lot of people ass out, doesn’t address the source nor all motivation

Actually, I did address the source and motivation, which is childhood upbringing, by mentioning intervention in the schools.

If you prefer, we can take every child from their parents at infancy and raise them in a controlled environment to insure they’re “woke”. Sound better to you?

and doesn’t take into consideration that the problem is so ubiquitous that sexual harassment/assault is notoriously under reported and punished.

“Ubiquitous” means that’s it’s common to all places and all people. You haven’t even come close to proving anything like that.

This discussion is starting to remind me of the anorexia scare of about twenty years ago. There were “activists” talking about the tens of thousands of teenage girls who were purging on a regular basis and impacting their health. Until somebody finally noticed that what they were claiming was a problem so “ubiquitous” that every kid in America would have to know several girls with the problem.

So, somebody took the CDC numbers and really drove down deeply into them…..and found that the “activists” were overstating the incidents by a factor of 100. So they could get federal funding for their anti-anorexia programs, of course.

Or, about a decade ago, I recall one interchange between a prolifer and a proabortioner. You know how those go. Eventually, the proabortioner played the “do you know how many” card, referring to how MANY women would be killed or sterilized by backalley abortions if abortions were ever made illegal.

Of course, when the “do you know how many” card gets played, it’s supposed to shut up your debate opponent, because they’re supposed to immediately think that the number is large, and so continuing the debate seems inhumane.

But, in this case, the prolifer DID know the actual stats. So when the abortioner played the “do you know how many” card, the proflifer said “Yes, the year before abortion was legalized, 15 women died or were maimed by those procedures only.”


So, let’s see what the good news is. I hesitate to quote an activist organization because they all seem to have a questionable relationship with the truth, as alluded to above, but RAINN seems to take their statistics seriously:

So, what we can immediately see from the graph is good news; we’re on a down trend that’s leveled since the late 1990’s. Since my personal view is that public awareness is the biggest weapon we have in this sort of matter, one can reasonably suggest that the drop in the late 1990’s was due to the behavior and public awareness raised by Mr. Clinton being in the White House, and that the presence of Mr. Trump AND the Weinstein fallout all across the population will lead to another substantial dropoff when the data comes in for the late 20teens in a few years.

So, you may very well be fighting a battle that you’ve already won.

But, let’s look at the stats. 17.5% of those 460K incidents are in prisons, so that a different problem with a different solution; it’s the 381K incidents that are in the “general society”.

Now, I’ve already agreed that paradigms need to shift a bit. The vast majority of Americans are very clear on the “no means no” part, but people, particularly young people, often find themselves in alcohol-fueled sexualized situations where inhibitions get torn down.

I don’t know how to solve that “young people drinking in sexualized situations” part, and neither do you. We tried banning alcohol….didn’t work. Want to ban same-sex interaction before marriage?

Many rape kits sit untested, 18 states in the US give rapist parental rights, even with evidence and pleading guilty they still get off or get off light, hell — the tax payers even pay for the sexual aggression of congress members. Threat of prison is very obviously weak.

Threat of prison is what it is. As I mentioned before, you can’t just pass ANOTHER law and say “we REALLY REALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME!!!!”.

Like most societal problems, there is no absolute solution if we are to continue to be a free society.

You think that raising awareness is weak? We’ll, it’s all ya got. Not all problems have an immediate solution. Some of it is generational.

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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