"According to a recent Morning Consult poll, a shocking seven in ten Republicans don’t believe the election was free and fair. "

Here's an interesting graphic from 2018 from YouGov:

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So…..in 2017……66% of Democrats did not believe the election of Donald Trump was free and fair. And these ideas were propagated by irresponsible pundits on the left and on cable news.

I’m not sure whether to use the “People in Glass Houses Should not Throw Stones” or “Pot Kettle Black” saying here.

Yes, let’s all agree that reasonable people accept election reality, which is that there is SOME fraud, but on a statewide level, it is unlikely to cause a shift of more than a thousand or two votes, and if the margins are greater than that, we can be comfortable that the election was free and fair.

But let’s not forget the history of the party you like just so you can disparage the party you dislike.

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