Dodd-Frank was authoritarian? Are you serious?

A regulation is the government telling a private entity what to do. That is the very definition of authoritarianism.

Yeah, let’s go back to when banks were free to grow, consolidate and monopolize the entire industry until it brought the country to its knees.

You’re confusing two entirely different issues. Let’s clean some things up:

ONE. ALL regulations are authoritarian by definition. That’s not a judgement on if the regulation is a good one, or needed one, or necessary one or not. You’re assuming that “authoritarian” always = “bad”, and that’s not always the case.

TWO. You’re displaying a lack of understanding of Dodd-Frank. It doesn’t prevent big banks from growing, it facilitates their growth, because it guarantees them a taxpayer bailout when it all happens again. Further, it increases risk in the financial system, because it puts regional banks at a competitive disadvantage with larger banks.

Put another way: if you thought it was risky having such a huge percent of American assets held in only dozen institutions, wait until the the assets of the other seven thousand or so remaining American banks consolidate into that same small number. :-)

Let’s go back to an un-regulated Wall St. that has created perverse incentives to issue as many loans as possible because they profit regardless of if they are bad or good

Straw man argument. At no time did I suggest going back to an unregulated Wall Street. Just because I think Dodd-Frank is shitty legislation does not in any way imply that I believe in a laissez-faire regulatory environment for financial services.

I mean really, how can you possibly believe this after living through the Great Recession?

Believe what? What I believe, or your fantasy version what you THINK I believe?

And the ACA is essentially fascist now? Really?

Where did I say “fascist?” Are you somehow under the impression that “authoritarianism” and “fascism” are synonyms? If so, I suggest you reread not anything you studied at University (assuming you went, which seems highly doubtful from comments so far) but your high school history and civics books. It’s all in there.

The solution Republicans presented in the 90’s is now authoritarian?

Straw man argument. I said nothing about the GOP proposals in the 90’s.

That’s laughable.

You want to see laughable, find a mirror.

Bringing healthcare to millions via the private sector is authoritarian. Right.

See above. You are clearly struggling with basic definitions and the english language.

You must be so far to the right you think any idea that comes from the left is authoritarian. Please, by all means, present your solutions to both crises.

There’s no reason to. You clearly don’t have the wit to understand anything I would say.

Give the computer back to your mommy, now, dear. The grownups are talking. (Pats you on the bottom, sends you to your room with a cookie and some milk.)

Data Driven Econophile. Muslim, USA born. Been “woke” 2x: 1st, when I realized the world isn’t fair; 2nd, when I realized the “woke” people are full of shit.

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